We offer apprenticeships in childcare, health and social care, business administration, team leading and management and we can help recruit the right apprentices for you.

In order to take on an apprentice, you will need to offer them full-time employment and some of your time.

For more information on grants that might be available to your business, the benefits of taking on an apprentice and our 5-step plan to recruiting your apprentice, please see below.

Support you will receive:

  • a free-of-charge recruitment service including vacancy advertising, initial assessments, interviews and pre-screening of all applicants
  • administrative support with processing applications, creating apprenticeship agreements and making grant applications
  • a dedicated account manager and assessor who will meet with you and your apprentice at the beginning of the programme, and regularly throughout
  • review meetings at least every 10 weeks
  • regular visits from an Assessor to monitor the progress of your apprentice’s training
  • guidance and support throughout the entire process of finding, hiring and training apprentices